Theatres in Hamburg

German Schauspielhaus

(Deutsches Schauspielhaus / Mediaserver)

The beautiful Schauspielhaus building is more than 100 years old and is situated in the district of St Georg, just opposite the central train station. The Schauspielhaus stages contemporary productions as well as great classics and makes it a point to support young authors and directors. The “Junges Schauspielhaus” programme was launched in 2005 and features theatre productions for children and young people at its temporary venue in Gaussstrasse (Altona).

Kirchenallee 39 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 24 87 13

Thalia Theatre

(Thalia Theater / Sabina Trojanova)

The Thalia Theater with its modern, entertaining and thought-provoking productions is a real institution in Hamburg. While the director places special emphasis on contemporary authors, the repertoire also includes classics such as Georg Büchner’s “Woyzeck” or Goethe’s “Faust”. The lovely theatre bar “Nachtasyl” in the building’s attic serves as a venue for book readings, concerts and DJ nights.

Alstertor 1 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 32 81 44 44

Mehr! Theatre at Hamburg's wholesale market

(Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt / Manuel Harlan)

In its "first life" a hall at Hamburg's wholesale market, then its conversion into a home for plays, concerts, shows and much more, and since the beginning of 2020 the exclusive performance venue for Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child: The Mehr! Theatre am Großmarkt Hamburg has an eventful history behind it.

Banksstraße 28, 20097 (Hammerbrook)

Tel: 0180 6 934934

Stage Theater at the Elbe

(Stage Theater am Hafen / Jörg Modrow)

The Stage Theater an der Elbe is an architectural jewel: 10,000 gleaming stainless steel shingles and a glass façade up to twelve metres high characterise the exterior. Inside, the two-storey foyer with open gallery, appealing bars and contemporary art invites you to linger, and in the beautiful auditorium with 1,850 seats, musical art unfolds for you at the highest level. The Stage Theater an der Elbe has been the venue for numerous top musicals in the past. Among others, "I've Never Been to New York", "The Miracle of Bern" and "MARY POPPINS" and "PRETTY WOMAN" took place there, which was now followed by "Disney's THE ICE QUEEN".

Norderelbstraße 6 (Steinwerder)

Tel: +49 (0)40 0180 5 4444


Stage Theater Neue Flora

(Stage Theater Neue Flora / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The Stage Theater Neue Flora, built in the style of the 1920s, is located in the immediate vicinity of the Holsten Brewery and has become an important Hamburg landmark. With "The Phantom of the Opera", one of Germany's most popular musicals found its first home here from 1990 to 2001 and thrilled more than seven million spectators. Other successful musical productions followed, such as "Dance of the Vampires", "Dirty Dancing" and "Tarzan", before the Phantom returned to the stage once again in 2013. After the magical spell of Arabian nights in the award-winning Disney production ALADDIN, the artistry sensation CIRQUE DU SOLEIL played Paramour. Currently, the Theater Neue Flora is playing for WICKED - Das Musical, which will be followed by MAMMA MIA! again this year.

Stresemannstraße 159A (Altona)

Tel: +49 (0)40 43165490



Imperial Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg)

Crime classics from Alfred Hitchcock to Agatha Christie are brought to life here. The audience is invited to join in the suspense, and hot tips can be given at the bar during the interval.

Reeperbahn 5 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 31 31 14

Theatre Ship Hamburg

(Theaterschiff / Henning Heide)

Up close and personal with the actors - the Theaterschiff Hamburg offers theatre with well-known artists in a uniquely familiar environment, so that no one in the audience sits more than seven metres away from the stage.

Holzbrücke 2 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 69650580

Avenue Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The Avenue Theatre is the only private chamber opera in Europe and focuses on music theatre of the 18th/19th centuries. The programme includes works from all epochs, with a focus on the 18th/19th centuries. Current productions of well-known operas, such as "Carmen" by Georges Bizet or "The Italian Girl in Algiers" by Gioachino Rossini, form the classical foundation of the repertoire. But the house is also characterised by world premieres. Especially the musical excavations regularly cause a stir, e.g. with "Der Vampyr" by Heinrich Marschner and "Lauter Verrückte! (Che Originali)" by Johann Simon Mayr.

Max-Brauer-Allee 76, 22765 Hamburg

Tel: 040 382959

Monsoon Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

Smaller productions or unknown stage plays are also performed in the modern, charming theatre. The programme includes contemporary spoken word, music and children's theatre as well as readings.

Friedensallee 20 (Ottensen)

Tel: 040 39 03 148

Altonaer Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The Altonaer Theater is the place to go for anyone who would like to see a stage production of their favourite novel – whether it is “Pope Joan” or “The Hundred-Year-Old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared”. The theatre also hosts panel discussions, night talks and guided stage tours, as well as music events in the theatre café.

Museumstr. 17 (Altona)

Tel: 040 39 90 58 70

Monsun Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

This modern, charming venue stages smaller productions and plays that are largely unknown. The programme includes contemporary theatre of the spoken word, music theatre, children’s plays and book readings.

Friedensallee 20 (Ottensen)

Tel: 040 39 03 148

Thalia in Gaußstrasse

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

This popular venue in Altona provides both young and established directors with a forum for realising fringe productions and off-scene projects. The theatre supports up-and-coming directors and also hosts theatre festivals for national and international artists.

Gaußstr. 190 (Altona)

Tel: 040 32 81 44 44


(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

This independent stage and production facility is widely acclaimed for its dance, theatre and concert programme. The former crane factory hosts international guest performances as well as Hamburg artists and contemporary bands. Each year in August, Kampnagel holds its International Summer Festival. The multi-functional theatre complex comprises six stages as well as the restaurant “Casino”.

Jarrestraße. 20 (Winterhude)

Tel: 040 27 09 49 49

Comedy Winterhuder Fährhaus

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

This comedy and boulevard theatre provides a stage for popular German actors such as Nina Bott, Jochen Busse and Herbert Hermann. Its smaller venue “Kontraste” entertains its audience with wicked black humour.

Hudtwalckerstr. 13 (Winterhude)
Tel: 040 48 06 80 80


(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

A big party on a small stage: the Schmidt Theater’s smallest and most recent stage opened on 6 June 2015 with a grand opening gala. The new venue serves as a platform for young artists and newcomers in particular. What is more, the Schmidtchen can be rented as a venue for parties, events and gala nights.

Spielbudenplatz 22-23 (St. Pauli)
Tel: 040 31 77 88-0

St. Pauli Theater

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

You can feel the long tradition in this unique, 173-year-old building on Spielbudenplatz. However, the programme with its contemporary productions continues to provide fresh impetus. Hugely popular productions include e.g. “The King’s Speech” as well as “Linie 1”, the new Hamburg musical. Guests can expect theatre, cabaret and comedy at its best.

Spielbudenplatz 29–30 (St. Pauli)
Tel: 040 47 11 06 66

Schmidts TIVOLI

(Schmidts Tivoli / Webseite)

Long runners of the Tivoli such as “Heisse Ecke” and “Caveman” have been sold out for years. Guest performances of comedians from across Germany can also be experienced here. The on-site bar “Glanz & Gloria” and the restaurant “Schatto Pauli” are well worth visiting.

Spielbudenplatz 27–28 (St. Pauli)
Tel: 040 31 77 88 99

Imperial Theater

(Imperial Theater / Webseite)

The Imperial Theater breathes new life into classic pieces of crime literature, ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to Agatha Christie. The audience is invited to share in the thrill, and during the break you can discuss the “Whodunit” question at the theatre bar.

Reeperbahn 5 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 31 31 14

The English Theatre of Hamburg

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

This small and yet excellent theatre stages four English-language plays per season, covering anything from entertaining comedies to thrilling crime stories.

Lerchenfeld 14 (Barmbek-Süd)

Tel: 040- 227 70 89

Ernst Deutsch Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The repertoire of the Ernst Deutsch Theater includes socio-political and historical plays as well as comedies. The theatre’s dedicated youth theatre performances and music nights are also highly popular. During the Advent season, the Ernst Deutsch Theater features stage productions of some the most beautiful fairy tales.

Friedrich-Schütter-Platz 1 (Hohenfelde)

Tel: 040 22 70 14 20


(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The traditional Ohnsorg-Theater moved to its new home just beside Hamburg’s central train station in 2011. It focusses on comedies in Low German dialect, but the repertoire also includes productions in standard German.

Heidi-Kabel-Platz 1 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 35 08 03 21

Hamburg Chamber Theatre

(Mediaserver Hamburg / ThisIsJulia Photography)

Situated in a beautiful mansion dating back to 1863, this small independent theatre mainly presents modern, critical theatre of the spoken word with a contemporary twist. As well as staging studio theatre productions and political satire shows, the Kammerspiele also features book readings, song recitals as well as its annual children’s play during the Advent season. The ensemble includes renowned actors such as Rufus Beck, Hardy Krüger junior and Karoline Eichhorn.

Hartungstr. 9–11 (Rotherbaum)

Tel: 040 41 33 44 0