Galleries in Hamburg

Contemporary Gallery

(Hamburger Kunsthalle / Mediaserver)

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is one of the most important and largest art museums in Germany. Contemporary art has its place in the Gallery of the Present, which is visible from afar and exhibits art from 1960 to the present day.

Glockengießerwall 5 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 428131200



Affenfaust Gallery

(Tomas Engel)

Since 2012, the Affenfaust Gallery has been the contact point for urban art and contemporary art in Hamburg. In cooperation with international artists on site, the Affenfaust Gallery shows exhibitions of different directions of street and urban art. In May 2015, the gallery expanded to 1000 m2 with the move to a former Aldi supermarket. In addition to the actual rooms of the gallery, public spaces and industrial buildings are also used as exhibition space.

Paul-Roosen-Straße 43 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 8489 8858




The BUNKERHILLGalerie featured by HILLDEGARDEN e.V. curates non-profit group exhibitions of contemporary art of all forms of expression in the historic Feldstrasse bunker. At this special place, established artists meet up-and-coming talent from art schools, and people from all parts of society meet to engage with art and culture.

Feldstraße 66 (St. Pauli)

Tel: 040 75368598

Gallery Borchardt

(Galerie Borchardt / Webseite)

Galerie Borchardt was founded in 1997 in the Stilwerk at Hamburg's Fischmarkt. Since 2009, it has presented itself in joint premises with the architectural firm BAID in the Old Town, near the Chile Haus. The 45-metre-long exhibition space in the "Hopfenburg", a historic Kontorhaus, offers the gallery's artists optimal exhibition opportunities. The gallery works on a project-oriented basis, with a thematic focus on the mediation of "art and architecture". The aim is to promote an encouraging discourse that stimulates and demonstrates the inclusion of artistic contributions in the planning of structural measures.

Hopfensack 19 (Altstadt)

Tel: 040 388988

Gallery Mensing

(Galerie Mensing / Webseite)

On more than 500 m², Galerie Mensing presents itself not far from the Rathausmarkt and in the middle of Hamburg's most famous shopping district (between Neuer Wall, Große Bleichen, Jungfernstieg), making it one of the shopping jewels of the Alsterstadt. Outstanding works from classical modernism to pop art and internationally important contemporary artists can be viewed here.

Große Bleichen 34 (Neustadt)

Tel: 040 35718674



Evelyn Drewes Gallery

(Evelyn Drewes Galerie)

The Evelyn Drewes Gallery shows contemporary art, with a clear focus on painting. The team is keen to promote up-and-coming artists, even if they are outside the current trends on the art market. To this end, the gallery also works with art colleges, for example, in order to strengthen contact with up-and-coming artists. The aim is to give them the opportunity not only to explore technical and aesthetic concepts, but also to put them into practice.

Brandshofer Deich 52 (Rothenburgsort)

Tel: 151 1153 6222


LUMAS Gallery

(LUMAS Galerie / Webseite)

Since 2005, an extensive portfolio of limited, contemporary art can be discovered on two floors in the Hamburg gallery LUMAS. The new gallery spaces are located directly on Neuer Wall - in the heart of Hamburg's city centre, just a few steps away from sights such as Hamburg City Hall or Jungfernstieg.

Neuer Wall 71 (Neustadt)

Tel: 040 38904860

Golden Hands Gallery

(Golden Hands Gallery GmbH)

The Golden Hands Gallery was founded in March 2015 by Christoph Tornow and Isabella Augstein. Their goal: to build a modern marketplace for contemporary fine arts with an urban background. The Golden Hands Gallery in Hamburger Neustadt specializes in urban art, street art and post-graffiti.

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 85-87 (New town)

Tel: 040 35715557

Gallery Carolyn Heinz

(Helge Mundt)

Galerie Carolyn Heinz was founded in Hamburg in 2005. The aim of the gallery is to present artists with independent artistic approaches. The focus here is on painting and drawing, but sculptural and installation positions are also repeatedly shown. Questioning modes of perception and a reflective examination of design, media, means and intensities of artistic expression are important criteria when selecting the artists. The gallery attaches great importance to mediation and consultation as part of its work.

Klosterwall 13 (Old town)

Tel: 0176 48194709


(Galerie C15 / Webseite)

In 1994, the exhibition room C15 was opened as a communication and presentation venue for the ULLA AND HEINZ LOHMANN COLLECTION, HAMBURG. Here, the artists of the collection are presented to a broad interested public. Within the framework of each exhibition, several events are held in front of specially invited guests. Occasional author readings and discussion forums on current topics complement the programme.

Dorothea-Bernstein-Weg 15 (Mundsburg)

Tel: 040 2207675



(Hinterconti / ebd.)

Hamburg artists and cultural workers have joined together to form the Hinterconti association. The gallery of the same name shows weekly changing exhibitions by international and local artists. The exhibitions focus less on the positions of the artists than on the artistic working methods and the production process.

Marktstraße 40a (Karolinenviertel)

Nissis Kunstkantine

(Nissis Kunstkantine)

Nissi's art canteen in Hamburg's HafenCity combines art with culinary delights, organizes events for and with artists and sees itself as a bridge between art and the public. The gallery restaurant combines good cuisine with sophisticated contemporary art.Changing art exhibitions by North German artists with particularly expressive works that go beyond the decorative are impressive on the walls of the gallery.

Am Dalmannkai 6 (HafenCity)

Tel: 0160 93816783

Gallery Holthoff

(Galerie Holthoff)

In November 2013, the HOLTHOFF-MOKROSS gallery was founded by the merger of the gallery owners Katharina Mokross (Galerie apollo9) and Thomas Holthoff (Galerie Holthoff). Katharina Mokross left the gallery in 2020. Since then, Thomas Holthoff has been the sole contact person for all aspects of the gallery and continues to run the gallery as Galerie Holthoff. The focus of the program is on contemporary art in the areas of painting and graphics.

Fischers Allee 70 (Ottensen)

Tel: 0170 4504794


Art house Hamburg

(Hayo Heye)

The Kunsthaus shows changing exhibitions of contemporary art. The focus of the diverse exhibition program is the promotion of projects, artists from Hamburg and northern Germany as well as exchange projects with international exhibition houses.

Klosterwall 15 (St. Georg)

Tel: 040 335803

Gallery at Schlump

(Galerie beim Schlump)

The gallery at Schlump in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel is located between the Sternschanzenpark and the Grindelviertel. The small team consists of the gallery co-founder Christian Radel (Radel art dealers) and the cultural scientist Tim Ewald (Ewald art dealers). The gallery is a place of encounter between art and people, between people interested in art, people who care about art and the dialogue about art as much as the team. The gallery contains a very wide range of works of art from different eras and styles, which have found a place on the walls of the gallery rooms for a wide variety of reasons. Exhibitions of various artists are organized at irregular intervals.

Beim Schlump 10 (Eimsbüttel)

Tel: 040 53301920


Galleries on Fleetinsel

(Mathias Güntner / ibid.)

Various galleries have their premises on Fleetinsel, near Stadthausbrücke and metro station Rödingsmarkt. In two former office buildings gallery owners like Dörrie Priess, Karin Günther, Katharina Bittel, Sfeir-Semler and the Galerie Becker, the Produzentengalerie, Mathias Güntner and the Gallery of Landscape Art are showing exhibitions. Next door, Multiple Box sells limited-edition art and in Offspace at Westwerk there is an experimental program.

Admiralitätstrasse 71/74/76 (New town)

Feinkunst Krüger

(Feinkunst Krüger / Martin Kircher)

Feinkunst Krüger opened in 1998 and since then the gallery showed more than 80 exhibitions. Feinkunst Krüger has also initiated a number of exhibitions and projects in other rooms throughout Germany. The gallery aims to promote mainly younger artists. Many of them had their first solo exhibition here and were able to successfully establish itself later in the art market.

Kohlhöfen 8 (New town)

Tel: +49 4021 79 21 58


(Heliumcowboy / ibid.)

Since the beginning, the motto and ethos of the gallery derives from an old 70s song: "A cowboy's work is never done". This in mind, Heliumcowboy quickly expanded the gallery’s reach by showcasing artists from around the globe, organizing exhibitions abroad and in unusual places and taking part in acclaimed art fairs in New York, Miami or Basel. One of these unusual places is a small space in Hamburg St. Pauli. Founded in 2002 by Jörg Heikhaus, heliumcowboy supports emerging artists with the ability to blow away boundaries and establish the future aesthetics of art.

Bäckerbreitergang 75 (New town)

Tel: +49 40 48 40 88 60

Gängeviertel / Speckstraße Gallery

(Gängeviertel / ibid.)

Group exhibitions every two or three weeks take place in the Speckstraße 83-87. The building from the late 19th century is located in Hamburg’s Gängeviertel, a formerly squatted historical housing complex hosting many of Hamburg's off art scene. The focus is mainly free art. Art students and freelancers have an experimental space for displaying and curating in this gallery. In the basement there is also a workshop for bike art.

Speckstraße 83-87 (New town)

Mikado Asiatica Gallery House

(Mikado Asiatica Gallery / ibid.)

Mikado Asiatica Gallery House shows Asian art treasures on four floors, including sculptures, contemporary chinese paintings and photographs, and ancient art from various far eastern countries. The Mikado Asiatica Gallery House also includes one of the largest Buddha collections in Germany.

Mittelweg 111 (Harvestehude)

Tel: +49 40 82 22 72-0

Chez Linda

(Galerie Linda e.V. / ibid.)

LINDA e.V. is an art and culture club whose members want to make way for temporary actions and presentations of art. The gallery Chez Linda is supporting unestablished artistic and cultural forms. The members of LINDA e.V. originate from different sectors such as photography, drawing, design, organic farming and journalism.

Seilerstraße 36 (St. Pauli)


(Die Schlumper / ibid.)

Schlumper is a community of artists with and without disabilities. In addition to the gallery there is also a Schlumper studio and the Schlumper School of arts. The Hans Kauffmann Foundation and the Association Freunde der Schlumper e.V. founded the gallery where works of artists of the own studio and of deceased Schlumper artists are presented.

Markstraße 131 (Karolinenviertel)

Tel: +49 40 43 09 21 98

Westwerk Gallery

(Westwerk / ibid.)

Westwerk is a gallery. Westwerk is a club. Westwerk is an old building in the centre of Hamburg. Westwerk is a group of artists and creatively minded people who maintain and programme this location as an off-space, an art gallery, a music club, a site for installations, performances, readings and events on the ground floor of an artists’ house located in an old building in the middle of Hamburg’s city centre.

Admiralitätstraße 74 (New town)


(Oberfett / Webseite)

OBERFETT sees itself as a space of possibilities and not as a gallery whose ostensible goal is all too often just the sale of artworks. The focus of OBERFETT is on ideas, concepts and opportunities for interesting art in dialogue.

Billrothstraße 67 (Altona)

Tel: 0171 1270689

Hamburg Gallery

(Hamburger Galerie / Webseite)

The Hamburg Gallery was founded in 2003 by Greta Verhuelsdonk. The Hamburg Gallery specialises in contemporary art, international pop art and urban art.

Mittelweg 161 (Rotherbaum)

Tel. 0049 (40) 35 01 64 53