Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants

(Happenpappen / ebd.)

As of the beginning of 2021, Hamburg can officially count itself as one of the most popular vegan cities in the world! In a study by the international food magazine “Chef‘s Pencil,“ the Hanseatic city was voted the 3rd best city worldwide for vegan restaurants! Portland, USA, and Edinburgh, Scotland scored higher, but that doesn‘t detract from third place.

Where‘s the best place to eat vegan food in Hamburg? Where can you get the best vegan pizza? What‘s the best place for a vegan breakfast? Vegan food just means grains and disappointment, right? Definitely not! And certainly not in Hamburg, because not only is there an abundance of gastronomic offerings here that are wholeheartedly committed to vegan cuisine, but there are also many restaurants and cafés with classic menus that offer delicious vegan or vegetarian dishes too. In fact, in Hamburg, vegan food is all about indulgence instead of renunciation. For example, in the Bullerei‘s deli, Tim Mälzer‘s exclusive steakhouse: “Das schwarze Schaf,“ offers dishes made entirely without any meat or fish. And those who dine at the “XO Seafoodbar“ on St. Pauli can also enjoy an adapted menu that is free from animal products


(Leaf / ebd.)

Stepha Zanella started out with a café specialising in distinctive cheesecake. With Mamalicious, she moved to a larger shop and fills it without any problems. One reason for this may be that, in addition to the aforementioned cake, she now also offers a vegan American breakfast with waffles, bacon and eggs. Actually, you're already well-filled after that, but all right: one more portion of pancakes, please!

Max-Brauer-Allee 277 (Sternschanze)

Tel: +49 (0)40 37026944


The Vegan Eagle

(The Vegan Eagle / Yelp)

The Vegan Eagle is in the north of the city in Langenhorn. The journey to visit Benni and Konsti is worth it, though, because the cuisine is exquisite. One learned classic French cuisine down to the most delicate details while the other cooked his way around the world for years. Today, the Vegan Eagle offers a variety of dishes that hardly any other restaurant can match, which is strongly oriented towards regional produce and thus changes its menu throughout the year. From spicy potato puffs with creamy apple and beet tartar and herb cashew sour cream to the dumpling and cabbage bake with roasted savoy cabbage and Brussels sprouts to classic curries to marzipan panna cotta with plum and cinnamon compote and roasted almonds, you‘re sure to find something delicious for you here. Cooking vegan without feeling restricted has been the premise for the chefs at the Vegan Eagle from the very beginning, and we go to Langenhorn for that.

Wischhöfen 4 (Langenhorn)

Tel: +49 (0)40 2847 8767

Vincent Vegan

(Vincent Vegan / Webseite)

Vegan Quarterpounders! Let's face it - most food trucks have a somewhat dubious reputation: fat instead of fresh produce, calories and cholesterol instead of healthy and nutritious food. But there is another way, as the food truck movement proves, and the two Vincent Vegan food trucks prove it in particular. The name is unmistakably reminiscent of Vincent Vega, portrayed by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, to whom one of the more famous film dialogues about burgers can be attributed.

Ottenser Hauptstraße 10 (Altona)

Tel: +49 (0)40 40 89 065 567

An Vegan House

(AN Vegan House / Facebook)

At AN Vegan House you can enjoy delicious Vietnamese-vegan bowls and soups in a stylish atmosphere. Here, classic Vietnamese cuisine meets modern trends and twists. Indulge in crispy sesame strips, baked tofu in peanut sauce or braised soy balls with fresh pumpkin. The dessert selection crowns your visit to the restaurant.

Mühlenkamp 19 (Winterhude)


(Happenpappen / ebd.)

Happenpappen in the Karoviertel is an institution in the city when it comes to vegan food. The range of vegan lunch dishes and other snacks, cakes, and salads change daily, and there‘s always something that will capture your vegan heart. All ingredients are freshly prepared, and almost everything is homemade. In the evening, it‘s burger time, where everything from the sauces to the patties is homemade. And if you don‘t want a bun, just choose the Burger Bowl. Any other requests?

Feldstraße 36 (Karolinenviertel)

Tel: +49 (0)40 7308 1706

TA Vegan House

(TA Vegan House / Genussguide Hamburg)

At TA Vegan House down on the harbour, guests can expect all kinds of Vietnamese delicacies. Whether you‘re enjoying a relaxed evening with friends and family or a quick lunch with business partners and colleagues, the atmosphere here is friendly, diverse, and inspiring. The food has a significant role to play, of course, like salads, phô soups and dumplings come in small portions that need to be shared. The restaurant is named after the owner Ta Tien Hop, who cares about vegan cuisine and Vietnamese culture and philosophy and imports his crockery, cutlery, and other accessories from Vietnam

Reimarusstraße 13 (Neustadt / Portugiesenviertel)

Tel: +49 (0)174 8285 814

Froindlichst – The Vegan Musketeers

(Froindlichst - The Vegan Musketeers)

The creative team at Froindlichst comes up with delicious vegan creations that are new even to long-term vegans. The modern-rustic restaurant is all about plant-based food. Bowls, burgers, burritos, pizzas and homemade cakes make vegans' hearts beat faster. How about the spicy "Wild West" pizza, topped with BBQ sauce, vegan chicken strips, avocado and cashew parmesan, or a classic "Chilli Cheeze" burger?

Barmbeker Straße 169 (Eppendorf)



Lily of the Valley

(Lily of the Valley)

The Lily of the Valley offers vegetarian and, on request, vegan dishes for lunch and, at weekends, also for breakfast. However, it is not about pointing the finger, but rather about having fun with balanced, fresh and varied food - and the Lily is of the opinion that this is also possible without meat and fish, and often even on a completely plant-based basis. This starts with the first glance at the plate, which is why the Lily also puts a lot of effort into the presentation.

Bahrenfelder Str. 212 (Ottensen)




Tagsüber und abends gibt es schmackhafte Snacks als Frühstück oder Mahlzeit zwischendurch, herzhafte und leichte Hauptspeisen, zum Käffchen eine große Kuchen- und Tortenauswahl sowie diverse Smoothies für die healthy Vitaminbombe. Wer gerne brunchen geht und immer wieder auf der Suche nach einer schönen Veggie-Möglichkeit ist, der ist richtig beim innerluck, denn einmal im Monat wird hier reichhaltig aufgedeckt! Für den großen Hunger gibt es auch tolle Burger und eine schmackhafte Auswahl an weiteren Gerichten mit dem Motto Veggie & Vegan.

Hagenbeckstraße 124A, (Eimsbüttel)


(Standard / ebd.)

The Standard is not a typical restaurant, but it‘s not just any bar either. And that‘s why it belongs on this list. Here, you get a little piece of Italy in Hamburg that you shouldn‘t miss.
Meeting for an Aperitivo or spritz in the bar after work is deeply rooted in the Italian way of life. And this is precisely what the three founders – Mina, Egbert, and Maurice have been
offering in the Große Freiheit since 2017. Guests are served first-class mixed drinks and a selection of delicious snacks from the kitchen called “Stuzzichini,“ which change daily. Mina conjures up these small appetisers in the kitchen and always adds a lot of love. Stuzzichini comes from stuzzicadenti, which translates as “toothpicks.“ Traditionally, these are not served to order but at regular intervals to all guests on the table - because, as every Italian mamma knows – if you drink, you must eat too. What luck, these snacks are also mostly vegan.

Große Freiheit 90 (St. Pauli)

Tel: +49 (0)40 3694 6633


(Pizzabande / ebd.)

Sure, every pizzeria has vegetarian options - but the Pizzabande on St. Pauli is a must. Here, you can find seasonal pizzas and a large selection of fresh ingredients to put together yourself. Vegans have a clear advantage here. Their ingredients are more varied and, above all, more creative, including - homemade seitan, pickled tofu, and so much more.

Lincolnstraße 10 (St. Pauli)


(innerluck © innerluck)

With tasty breakfast choices all day long, both hearty and light lunch options, healthy smoothies and a great range of cakes for your afternoon coffee, the Innerluck café leaves nothing to be desired. If you are a vegan and love to brunch, make sure to check out the Innerluck’s monthly “all you can eat” brunch event. In addition, the menu also includes delicious burgers as well as a number of mouth-watering veggie and vegan dishes.

Hagenbeckstraße 124A, (Eimsbüttel)


(Kombüse / Facebook)

Lovely Mexican snack restaurant with an iconic St Pauli atmosphere. While not all food is vegetarian, the team will be happy to create vegetarian variations upon request. The restaurant focusses on burritos, enchiladas and delicious guacamole. Tip: quickly go to the counter and order, collect your number and pay later.

Bernhard-Nocht-Strasse 51 (St. Pauli)
Tel: +49 40 63 94 79 18

La Monella

(La Monella / Webseite)

This Italian restaurant is located in the souterrain level of the building and offers vegetarian food only. In addition to a small menu with fresh anti-pasto, pasta and salad dishes, La Monella offers a large board with changing delicacies. In La Monella, lovers of Italy really get their money’s worth, even without Saltimbocca & co.

Hallerplatz 12 (Rotherbaum)
Tel: +49 40 45 61 62

Osho Ayu-Leela

(Osho Ayu-Leela)

The Osho Ayu-Leela is Hamburg’s only authentic Ayurvedic Indian restaurant. During lunchtime, the sun shines into the cosy dining room and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere makes you feel at home. The owner’s motto can be felt straight away: eating should be meditative – with a prayer in your heart.

Mundsburger Damm 41 (Uhlenhorst)
Tel: +49 (0)40  229 81 09


Café Koppel

(Cafè Koppel / Yelp)

Situated in a courtyard on the Lange Reihe, this café with its garden strives to be an island of peace. And yet it is much more than that: it has been an institution in the St Georg district for two decades. The historic factory building of Koppel 66, which also includes artists’ workshops, exudes a friendly charm. The Koppel 66 also hosts changing exhibitions. Breakfast goes on all day.

Koppel 66 (St Georg)
Tel: +49 40 24 92 35