Future Hamburg Award

All over the world, cities are facing new challenges that affect every aspect of our urban daily lives. Economy, society, climate - everything is influenced by technological progress. But how can we ensure that our cities remain livable in the process? And what does sustainable urban living look like?   

The city of the future is a community matter. That's why Hamburg wants to collaborate with the best startups worldwide. The aim is to find solutions for an economically strong, livable and sustainable city. To this end, we have created the Future Hamburg Award. It honors forward-looking startups that help make cities more livable and at the same time enrich the economy and society in metropolitan regions. The aim is to position Hamburg as a startup location and encourage forward-looking companies to settle here. To this end, a top-class jury selects the most promising startups from an international pool of applicants. The award takes place every two years.

More information about the award can be found here:

Future Hamburg Award



Carmen Leichsenring

Project management Future Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 41111 0 639

Mail: carmen.leichsenring@marketing.hamburg.de