Touristic Highlights Speicherstadt

Miniatur Wunderland

(Miniaturwunderland / ibid.)

“We are going to build the largest model railway in the world!” That was the dream of brothers Gerrit and Frederik Braun 15 years ago, and they have made their dream come true. The Miniatur Wunderland lures thousands of visitors to the city every year. The little ones are not the only ones fascinated by the beautifully designed landscapes of each section, the finely painted minutest figurines and the flashing lights of the machinery.

Kehrwieder 2-4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 300 68 00



Immerse yourself in a new world with YULLBE WUNDERLAND. State-of-the-art VR technology allows you to move freely in space. leave reality behind and experience a wide variety of adventures.

Kehrwieder 2-4 (Speicherstadt)
Tel:  040 300 6 80 800

Hamburg Dungeon

(Hamburg Dungeons / ThisIsJulia Photography)

In the Hamburg Dungeon you can travel through 600 years of Hamburg history in indeed an eerily beautiful way. Real actors integrate visitors into their compelling stories revolving around Hamburg’s past, covering spine-chilling topics such as the Great Fire or the plague. While the show may be too creepy for children under the age of ten, it is otherwise terrific fun for the whole family.

Kehrwieder 2 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 18 06 66 69 01 40


(Chocoversum / ibid.)

The Chocoversum is the perfect museum for lovers of chocolate and a great experience for all other guests – for here you can enjoy the world of chocolate. There are scent stations to stimulate appetite, and visitors are even allowed to nibble. As a special highlight you can produce your “own” favourite chocolate, which you may take home as a souvenir.

Messberg 1 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 41 91 23 00

International Maritime Museum Hamburg

(International Maritime Museum Hamburg)

Situated in the historic Speicherstadt warehouse district, the International Maritime Museum Hamburg leads you through maritime and naval history across nine floors. The impressive collection of Peter Tamm exhibits everything to do with water and the sea – from paintings to model ships. It is particularly worthwhile booking a guided tour to learn more about the stories of the seven seas.

Koreastrasse 1 (HafenCity)

Tel: +49 40 30 09 23 00

Dialog im Dunkeln - Dialogue in the Dark

(Dialog im Dunkeln / ThisIsJulia Photography)

Concentrate on your sense of touch, hearing or smell and experience an exhibition of scents, sounds and textures at the Dialog im Dunkeln in the Speicherstadt warehouse district. Blind people lead you through this special experience that will give you an understanding of their world.

Alter Wandrahm 4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: +49 40 309 63 40

Deutsches Zollmuseum - German Customs Museum

(Webmuseum / ibid.)

The history of customs is as old as the history of smuggling. Already in the Roman Empire precise rules were set for the movement of goods; the GDR had precisely defined customs laws. How people tried to circumvent them is presented in the former customs office at the Kornhausbrücke using many exciting exhibits from antiquity to the present day .

Alter Wandrahm 16 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 42 82 03 911

HafenCity Info Center in the Kesselhaus

(HafenCity / ibid.)

HafenCity is Hamburg's largest urban development project - the former power center of the warehouse district presents the latest information about the current state of development. The focus is on an 8 x 4 m large urban model of Hamburg's city center which shows the progress and the planned final state of Germany's largest urban development project.

Am Sandtorkai 30 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 36 90 17 99

Prototyp - Personen.Kraft.Wagen.

(Prototyp / ibid.)

For those who get goosebumps when engines are roaring, a visit to the Car Museum Prototyp is a must. In an old factory building unique racing and sports cars are presented: from the self-constructed vehicle of Petermax Müller from 1948 to the Cisitalia D 46 of the one-armed Otto Mathé: Prototyp is an automotive overall experience.

Shanghaiallee 7 (HafenCity)

Tel: 040 39 99 69 70

Spicy's Gewürzmuseum

(Spicy's / ibid.)

The only spice museum in the world. The Hanseatic city is among the Top 3 of the world's spice hubs. Spices can be sampled and smelled, tasted and touched. Visitors thus can try about 50 different spices and learn about their historical background.

Am Sandtorkai 32 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 36 79 89


(Speicherstadtmuseum / ibid.)

You can still feel the soul of the warehouse district in this historic museum. An authentic ambience shows how the Quartiersleute stored, sampled and sorted coffee, cocoa, tobacco and rubber in earlier days. Many goods and equipment can be used and touched, which makes the museum attractive for children. Other topics include the construction history of the warehouse district and the tea and coffee trade. Regularly guided tours, tastings and Crime nights are offered.

Am Sandtorkai 36 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 32 11 91

Kaffeemuseum Burg - Coffee Museum Burg

(Speicherstadtmuseum / ibid.)

The Coffee Museum Burg was once used as storage space for coffee, today you can find a unique collection of coffee related things there. Learn about the history of coffee,  the manufacturing process and advertisement of the past 100 years. On Tuesdays and Sundays the Museum offers guided tours where the roasting process is shown in their very own roasting facility. The coffee can be tasted in the café one floor above the museum.

St. Annenufer 2 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 55 20 42 58

VLET Kitchen & Bar

(Vlet / ibid.)

VLET Kitchen & Bar offers typical Hamburg dishes with a contemporary twist. Same is true for the old warehouse housing the restaurant, which was restored to combine modern interior with red bricks and steel girders. Vlet is the only gourmet Restaurant in the historical Warehouse District. An extensive wine menu completes the lunch and dinner menu.

Sandtorkai 23/24 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 33 47 53 750

Ameron – Cantinetta ristorante & bar

(Ameron / ibid.)

The Cantinetta Ristorante & bar inside the Ameron Hotel has a distinctive design of the 1950s/60s and an Italian-style kitchen. The atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed and due to its location in the middle of the Warehouse District you can enjoy a unique view on Brooksfleet, one of the many canals.

Am Sandtorkai 4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 63 85 890


(Wasserschloss / ThisIsJulia Photography)

The Teakontor and the restaurant are located in the middle of the Warehouse District on a peninsula between two canals. Winch guards were still working here at the beginning of the 20th century. Aside from being one of the most photographed buildings in the historical Warehouse District, the Wasserschloss merges gastronomy and trading post. The Wasserschloss offers a great variety of freshly prepared delicacies which have one thing in common: Tea! 

Dienerreihe 4 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 55 89 82 640


(Brook / ebd.)

This Restaurant offers an impressive view on the old harbour and warehouse scenery. Hundreds of lamps create a warm, exceptional atmosphere. In 2015, the guide Michelin awarded Brook: "It is not only classics like the braised vealcheeks that are much in demand in the pretty and modern restaurant, but the fish from the famous fish market around the corner is also very popular - as well as the very interesting and fairly calculated menu of the day!..."  

Bei den Mühren 91 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 37 50 31 28

Schönes Leben

(Schönes Leben / ebd.)

On 330 square meters about 120 guests have lots of room to celebrate, eat and relax with a view of water as well as the historical buildings on the opposite side of the water. "Schönes Leben" combines a restaurant and a function room in an especially cosy way and its atmosphere is very nice and warm.

Alter Wandrahm 15 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 18 04 82 680


(Fleetschlösschen / Anissa Brinkhoff)

A place with a lot of history, coffee and cake. The building was the second building of the Warehouse District complex to be constructed and served as a customs building: Goods that were unloaded from the tall ships were registered here before being stored in the storage rooms. Since 2004 it is a comfy café which offers breakfast, lunch, coffee and cake and also the opportunity to celebrate with cocktails and music after work.

Brooktorkai 17 (Speicherstadt)

Tel: 040 30 39 32 10