Daytrips to Historical Surrounding Cities

Hanseatic town of Lübeck

(Lübeck / K. Wessel)

Narrow lanes and alleys, old merchant houses, the world-renowned Holsten Gate, and the seven towers of the old town – an area that has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list: Lübeck is an attractive destination for city travellers and lovers of culture, history and the maritime way of life.

Wismar – UNESCO World Heritage Site

(Wismar / Alexander Rudolph)

The Hanseatic town of Wismar was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. Wismar has one of the most wellpreserved medieval centres in Northern Germany. Enjoy the monumental brick churches and the historic old town that is enriched with period buildings and narrow winding streets.


(Stade /

Outside the gates of Hamburg, the Hanseatic City of Stade with its historic centre is well worth seeing. Stroll past quaint merchant’s dwellings and half-timbered houses; visit the town hall that dates back to 17th century, the Fischmarkt with its reconstructed antique wooden crane, and the armory at Pferdemarkt.


(Buxtehude /

The charming town of Buxtehude with its timber-framed houses, merchant dwellings and cobblestone lanes is surrounded by water: an ancient moat delimits this historic town. One of the main spots for guided tours is the historic harbour in the old town. The mill at the canal, St Petri Church, the town hall, the “Stavenort” quarter and the “Marschtorzwinger” are all witnesses to life in the old days.


(Lüneburg /

The old salt town quarter in the medieval centre of Lüneburg once established the fame of this Hanseatic city. Today, the area is home to the reform-oriented Leuphana University, the students of which enliven the streets of the historic old town with its numerous quaint pubs and small retail shops.


(Mölln / photocompany)

Mölln is the home to Till Eulenspiegel, the infamous trickster, and the residents of Mölln are keeping his memory alive. The spa town with its historic centre is surrounded by idyllic woods and lakes.


(Ratzeburg /

The town of Ratzeburg is an island town: four lakes surround the picturesque old town, which can be toured by boat or ship. The waters of the Domsee lake reflect the magnificent brick cathedral built by Henry the Lion.


(Ludwigslust /

The town of Ludwigslust is known as the “Versailles of the North”. Ludwigslust Castle is the focus of a city layout of baroque and classicist buildings that are still intact today. The castle, its square and cascades are worth a visit at any time of year, while the 120-hectare castle park, the biggest park in Mecklenburg, is attractive for long walks.