Day trips to the Sea

North Sea

(North sea / Hans-Joachim Harbeck)

The rhythm of the tides determines life on the North Sea coast, and depending on the tide, mudflat excursions and water sports are among the most popular activities here. The dunes on the Elbe estuary offer a fantastic view of the passing container ships from all around the world.


(Heligoland / Kurverwaltung ibid.)

Heligoland is simply unique: as well as being Germany’s only offshore island, Heligoland offers a number of other unique characteristics: it is the world’s smallest nature reserve, and is home to Germany’s safest means of transport: the traditional Börteboot vessel. The island also boasts Germany’s brightest lighthouse.

Wadden Sea

(Wadden sea /

The Wadden Sea has far more to offer than one might think at first glance: in terms of biodiversity it can almost compete with the rain forest. The Wadden Sea has also been awarded the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Baltic Sea

(Baltic Sea / Bernd Schmidt)

The residents of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region hugely enjoy the fact that the sea is right on their doorstep. They are not the only ones: the sun-blessed coast of the Baltic Sea is one of Germany’s most popular holiday destinations.

The Island of Fehmarn

(Fehmarn / Facebook)

Being Germany’s sunniest location, the island of Fehmarn is hugely popular especially among windsurfers. Once the planned Fehmarnbelt tunnel to Denmark has been completed, Fehmarn will also serve as an important interface to Scandinavia.

Mecklenburg Seaside Resorts

(Boltenhagen / Dirk Vorderstraße)

The seaside resorts of the Mecklenburg coast, among them Boltenhagen and Poel, invite you to take a break on the Baltic Sea. With its long tradition as a holiday destination, the region continues to lure sea-lovers to the Baltic Sea coast.

Travemünde Seaside Resort

(Travemünde Beach / ibid.)

Travemünde, this maritime gem on the Baltic Sea, is considered to be Lübeck’s local beach. Novelist Thomas Mann used to come here, and many others followed over the years. Attractions include the four-masted bark “Passat”, a protected museum ship that is moored close to the Trave estuary.

Boltenhagen Marina on the Baltic Sea

(Boltenhagen / Dirk Vorderstraße)

Mediterranean flair, paired with northern German charm – the marina of Boltenhagen with its fishing boats, yachts and solar boats provides a relaxing holiday experience. Just beside the marina you will find the Boltenhagen fishing port, which supplies the seaside resort of Boltenhagen with freshly caught fish.

Büsum at the North Sea

(Buesum Hafen / ibid.)

Situated right on the North Sea, the lovely fishing village of Büsum attracts water sports enthusiasts, hikers and port lovers alike. All the year round, you can experience the unique interplay of the tides and enjoy the maritime atmosphere of the North Sea.

Heiligenhafen Adventure Pier

(Pier Heiligenhafen / Oliver Franke)

This adventure pier on the Baltic Sea offers ample opportunities for bathing, sunbathing, games and relaxation. It includes designated areas for children, as well as bathing and sun decks and an ocean lounge. At a length of 435 metres, the pier changes directions twice and parts of the panoramic walkway are spread over two levels.