Exceptional places to sleep in Hamburg

(Hafenkran / Martin Haag)

Fall asleep uniquely. This is possible in these uniquely beautiful hotels, apartments and unusual overnight accommodations in and around Hamburg. What makes these locations so special and what Hamburg friends can look forward to.

Watching the harbor cranes at work in the evening sun from afar. Letting yourself be gently rocked to sleep by small waves. Or wake up when the woodpecker knocks. Hamburg can do more than just a classic hotel. From the water's edge to the treetops, wonderful dreams and restful, exciting nights await.

Let it flow - the Kranhotel Floatel in Hafencity

A HafenCity hideaway. In the middle of it all, yet completely sheltered, two people have room in one of Hamburg's most unusual hotels: the converted, modernly furnished harbor crane lies on the water with a direct view of the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. After a successful concert, let the night fade away and watch the hustle and bustle of the city lights.

(Hafenkran / Martin Haag)

Ahoy, slumbering sailors - three overnight stays on the ship

Sure - the maritime Hanseatic city has a lot of water to offer. But what is it actually like to sleep on a ship? Overnight guests in Hamburg can find out in a variety of ways. The Bed & Breakfast Kanal 77 - Schlafen im Hafen (Sleeping in the harbor) has a hearty atmosphere with industrial charm. Heated and operating year-round, the old inland freighter provides a whole new experience.

Directly at the Landungsbrücken, the Cap San Diego shines. Also known as the "white swan, authentically restored cabins that can be booked alone or as a couple invite guests to stay longer. The museum and cargo ship Cap San Diego combines nautical nostalgia with the comfort of being perfectly located to the city and Hamburg's sights.

Things get hot on the lightship, built in 1952, which has also dropped anchor at the Landungsbrücken. The single and double cabins exude the charm of the old days - it's a good thing that visitors aren't driven below deck to do hard ship's work overnight, but are simply allowed to enjoy themselves and get a good night's sleep.

Mongolian yurt in the old land

In the middle of the old land, northern europe's largest fruit-growing area, you will find a very special place to sleep: an authentic Mongolian yurt. Just 150 metres from the Elbe dyke, the large canvas and wooden tent is the perfect place to stay.

What a view! Sleeperoo on the energy bunker in Wilhelmsburg

Open your eyes and WOW. Sleeperoo is a mobile sleeping cube that invites you to spend the night again and again at fascinating places in Hamburg. An absolute highlight is a night alone or as a couple on the roof of the energy bunker in Wihelmsburg. To wake up, the rich and delicious breakfast at Café Vju, which is also located on the roof of the bunker, will spoil you.


Das Kleine Schwarze - Hotel for People and Art

Jedes Jahr verwandelt sich „Das kleine Schwarze“ durch eine weitere Ausstellung. Jedes Jahr erscheinen die Räume neu. Wer als Gast jedes Jahr wiederkommt, erlebt ein anderes Hotel. Die Besitzer haben es sich mit ihrem außergewöhnlichen Hotel-Konzept zum Ziel gemacht, Künstler*innen bekannt zu machen und zu einem Dialog auffordern – zwischen Gast und Künstler. Jedes Exponat ist zudem auch käuflich.

Forsthaus Friedrichsruh - Sleeping in the treetops in the forest basket

Just a few kilometers from the Hamburg city limits, two hidden sleeping baskets are located in the Sachsenwald forest. On a safe platform, forest lovers and adventure seekers spend the night in an XXL beach basket with a view of the treetops and the clear starry sky. Bed linen and a rich picnic basket included - the forest basket can be booked directly via the Hotel Forsthaus Friedrichsruh.

Round thing: Schlummerfass on the dyke

Get on your bike and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. If you want to treat yourself to a nap on the flat land, book yourself into the cozy Schlummerfass in Hamburg Ochsenwerder. The nearby water landscapes around the Dove Elbe are the perfect place for extensive, nature-oriented walks or gliding along on the SUP. Perfect for switching off.

Small and fine: The Cabinhotel Cab 20 in St. Georg

Sleep as compactly as in a tent - but enjoy as much comfort as in a perfectly equipped hotel room. The Cab 20 in the urban scene quarter St. George is Germany first Cabin hotel. If you like cozy comfort and don't need your own window, you'll find sweet dreams here.